Attorney Maverick Flowers joined forces with Brittany Chung, Vivek Bedi, Rachelle Nelson, Lindsay Jespersen, and Danny De Lillo to create Cures of Colors, a not for profit organization focused on curating narrative coloring books that help put into perspective real-life concerns and social issues that occupy the minds of children. 

This effort started in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, the very issue that prompted their first coloring book. In the wake of the death of George Floyd and the BLM movement that followed, founder Brittany Chung took action. Cures of Colors was born to communicate difficult issues to kids in an age-appropriate and inclusive manner and contextualize challenging subjects from a place of empathy, compassion, and creativity. 

The Cures of Colors team has a COVID-19 and Family Dynamics themed books available and is currently working to produce an LGBTQ+ themed book that should be out in early 2021. 

Maverick is a founding board member and serves as the Secretary of Cures of Colors. He has worked with the team on their nonprofit applications, partnerships, and general organization. 

Maverick serves our team at Berg Hill Greenleaf Ruscitti as an attorney focusing on tax law, corporate law, nonprofits (public charity, private foundations, charitable trusts), trust and estate planning, and small business succession planning.