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Brent P. Johnson is a patent attorney with 28 years of experience in a wide range of intellectual property matters.  Brent currently manages a diverse range of patent and trademark portfolios for clients in the US and worldwide. Brent’s general experience  includes the preparation and prosecution of hundreds of patent and trademark applications in the US and abroad. Brent has also represented clients in numerous intellectual property litigation matters.  Brent’s broad range of experience enables him to manage intellectual property portfolios for clients in many different technical disciplines; also enabling Brent to be a sole source legal provider for client needs in all aspects of intellectual property.

Brent received his JD from the University of Denver in 1994. Prior to becoming a registered patent attorney the same year, Brent was a registered patent agent in the US Patent and Trademark office in 1992. Brent received his B.S. degree from the United States Military Academy in 1984. Brent served five years active duty in the United States Army Corps of Engineers and subsequent years in the US Army ReserveBrent was also employed as an engineer for Merk Pharmaceuticals for three years after his active Army service.

Brent enjoys spending his free time with his family and the outdoors.



Patent & Trademark Filings

Brent regularly advises clients on patent and trademark filing strategies, transfer of domestic and international patent and trademark rights, licensing, freedom to operate, non-infringement and invalidity opinions. Brent also advises clients on many forms of dispute resolution including both litigation and alternative forms such as arbitration and mediation.

Technical Background

Brent has specific technological experience in the mechanical, electrical, and computer-related fields. Prior to his legal career Brent was an engineer that provides him industry experience in addition to his legal background. Brent has advised many startup companies, providing valuable legal services to ensure the successful development and maintenance of intellectual property rights.


Brent’s specific experience in litigation includes the enforcement and defense of all intellectual property rights including patent, trademark and trade secrets. Brent has represented clients in many cases in the US District Court of Colorado and other jurisdictions.






U.S. Patent and Trademark Office


U.S. Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit 

U.S. District Court, Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals



Professional Associations

Colorado Bar Association

Denver Bar Association

American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA)


Numerous Continuing Legal Education programs including a most recent “Pitfalls in Claim.”

7th Annual Rocky Mountain Intellectual Property & Technology Institute; May 2009



The Kong Company, LLC v. Worldwise, Inc. and Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (D. Colo.) — Counsel for plaintiff in action for infringement of trade dress and trademark KONG and unfair competition for animal toys.

Metropolitan Homes, Inc. v. Metropolitan Homes Real Estate, Inc. (D. Colo.) — Counsel for plaintiff in action for infringement of trademark METROPOLITAN HOMES.

Stampoultzis v. KVP International, Inc. (S.D.N.Y.) — Counsel for defendant in action for infringement of patent directed to protective animal collar.

Judith G. Lippincott v. Bounce, Inc. (S.D. Cal.) — Counsel for defendant in action for infringement of patent directed to animal protective device.

The Kong Company, LLC v. Leerburg Enterprises, Inc. (D. Colo.) — Counsel for plaintiff in action for infringement of product configuration trademark and and unfair competition for animal toys.

The Kong Company, LLC v. Hallmark K9. (D. Colo.) — Counsel for plaintiff in action for infringement of product configuration trademark and and unfair competition for animal toys.

The Kong Company, LLC v. Triple Crown Dog Academy, Inc. (D. Colo.) — Counsel for plaintiff in action for infringement of patent covering animal toys.

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