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No other law firm provides better value for the legal services BHGR offers its business clients.

We have a full-service corporate law practice. We represent private companies, public companies, and private equity clients. Our attorneys advise their clients on the routine, day-to-day managerial and operational challenges businesses face as well as the most complex, multi-faceted financing and transactional needs your business may have.  Our Corporate Practice Group is well-versed in everything from formation and governance, financing, intellectual property, tax, and employment law, to succession plans, mergers and acquisitions, dissolution, and liquidation. We also work closely with attorneys in BHGR’s other practice groups as the situation dictates.

Many of our Corporate Practice Group attorneys started their careers with large national or international law firms, representing some of the world’s largest and most prestigious companies. Frustrated by their ability to represent small, mid-size, and entrepreneurial businesses given the rate structure at those large firms, our Corporate Practice Group co-chairs joined BHGR, choosing instead to practice law with BHGR, a mid-size firm. This allows us to provide our business clients with the highest quality legal services at reasonable rates while delivering client-centric services better than our competitors can. In short, BHGR is big enough to offer the full scope of top-tier legal services your business requires while remaining small enough to prioritize each client’s unique needs and objectives at cost effective rates. 

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Corporate Law 

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