Criminal Law

Berg Hill Greenleaf Ruscitti represents criminal defendants throughout the state of Colorado in a wide variety of matters.


White Collar

Matters related to fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, IRS tax violations, and environmental crime.



Having representation when charged with a DUI/DWI is critical in understanding your viable defenses and exercising your rights.


Crimes of Violence

Our goal is to protect our client our client’s interests by using all available resources.


Criminal Appeals

We want to protect our defendants while fostering and maintaining consistent standards of legal practice.

Navigating the waters…

Our clients include lawyers, doctors, corporate officers, and licensed professionals whose careers and reputations are at stake in a criminal matter. We also represent clients in collateral administrative matters, which often accompany criminal charges such as license revocations, administrative registrations, professional, and academic disciplinary proceedings.

When defending clients charged with white-collar crimes such as fraud, we often call upon our business and tax law attorneys. When necessary, we use investigators, forensic accountants, expert witnesses, and medical and psychological consultants to provide a comprehensive defense strategy.

Unlike many smaller law offices, we have the staff and resources to hit the ground running on cases that may involve dozens of witnesses and hundreds of thousands of pages of financial records or other documents.

When representing a client charged with a serious offense, our goal is to protect our client’s interests using all resources available. If we are successful in preventing charges from being filed or having charges dismissed, our attorneys will seek records sealing or expungement, so our clients do not face the stigma of a criminal arrest record.

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Criminal Law Matters

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