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Drew S. Gottlieb


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Business Organization 

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J.D., Sturm College of Law, University of Denver, 2007 

B.A. in English, Auburn University, 2001 


Colorado, 2008

Federal District Court of Colorado, 2009 

Drew Gottlieb’s practice focuses on corporate, administrative and regulatory matters primarily within the cannabis industry in which he has been assisting clients since 2009.  His expertise navigating the state and local licensing frameworks for cannabis and hemp within Colorado has been invaluable to both corporate and individual clients seeking entry, growth, and ongoing compliance. His clients range from large-scale, vertically integrated companies to small businesses and individuals participating in the cannabis industry as cultivators, retailers, product manufacturers, owners, landlords, financiers, and employees. Likewise, Mr. Gottlieb assists corporate clients with liquor license matters in various local jurisdictions across Colorado.  Regardless of the industry, Mr. Gottlieb works closely with his clients to develop legal strategies that aid in long-term business development, whether its start-up formation, corporate governance, contract negotiations, real estate transactions, asset sales, stock issuances, or mergers and acquisitions. He has assisted hundreds of clients with countless marijuana and liquor license applications for new licenses, ownership transfers, premises modifications, location transfers, and renewals.  He stays actively involved with state and local regulatory agencies during the frequent rulemaking and legislative updates that affect the cannabis industry. 


Mr. Gottlieb’s practice is rooted in a variety of work and life experience, including several roles in the legal community, from corporate to government to non-profit. Prior to establishing his private practice in 2009, he clerked in the Office of General Counsel for the United States Forest Service where he dealt with real property issues, environmental protection, and employment law. Mr. Gottlieb clerked at CH2M-Hill OMI where he gained corporate operations, federal contracting, and government procurement experience. He previously volunteered as an attorney at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, dealing extensively with issues affecting non-profit organizations. He has provided management services in the music industry, as well as owned and managed a restaurant and music venue in Denver.


Mr. Gottlieb is a native of Mobile, Alabama. He earned a B.A. in English from Auburn University.  During college, he worked in the summer intern program in Washington, D.C. in the office of then-Senator Jeff Sessions. After moving to Colorado, he attended University of Denver where he earned his J.D. at Sturm College of Law in 2007. He spends his free time hiking, camping, fishing, and enjoying live music.


Professional Associations

American, Colorado, and Denver Bar Associations


Honors & Awards

Strum College of Law, University of Denver, Insurance Award 

Sturm College of Law, University of Denver, Merit and Law Scholarships