When asked about a woman who has influenced her upbringing, Elizabeth responded her godmother and Westmeath Communications President, Anne McCarthy.

Elizabeth described Anne as one of the strongest and most dynamic people she knows. She was a trailblazer in corporate America at a time when there were very few women with a seat at the table. Anne has lived and traveled the world, sometimes with Elizabeth in tow, and provided crisis communications advice to some of the world’s most successful board rooms and executives. It was Anne’s display of determination and talent that inspired Elizabeth very early in life. Her efforts and dedication were an example of a woman’s ability and right to shatter glass ceilings. Along with her professional prowess, Elizabeth notes the impact Anne’s pride in their shared Irish heritage and loyalty and dedication to family has had on her. “Anne has been a second mother figure for me throughout my life.”

Creative problem-solving is certainly a skill that Elizabeth picked up from Anne. Anne is great at “getting to yes,” or finding a creative solution to complicated problems. And when it comes to complicated problems, communication is key. “Keep it simple” is a mantra Anne closely follows, especially when it comes to effective communication. These skills really stuck with Elizabeth, and when complicated problems arise, Elizabeth sees success for her clients and in her career because of her ability to truly work creatively and communicate clearly and effectively.

“Our relationship demonstrates how women of different eras and generations can be powerful leaders in both their professional and personal lives and their proven impact on one another.”